Imagine this.  You’re homeless and come across $42,000.  What would you do? Chances are good this is a situation you’ll never find yourself in, but it’s one a guy in Boston stumbled into.

A homeless man in Boston is poor in money, but rich in karma after doing the right thing and turning in a lost backpack he found, which happened to be stuffed with a fortune in cash and checks.

Cops wouldn’t reveal the name of the homeless man, but say he approached them outside a store in the Boston neighborhood of Dorchester around 6pm Saturday with a black backpack which he said he found.  It contained a passport and an insane amount of money.

An hour later, police received a call from a store in the area telling them a customer reported a  backpack containing a large sum of money missing. After matching the name and photo on the passport found in the backpack to the customer who reported his backpack missing, Boston police turned over the backpack to the man.

There’s no word on whether the person who owns the backpack repaid the homeless man for his honesty and kindness, but I hope he did because if he stiffed the guy who turned over his $42,000 he’ll get his eventually. And in a big way.