I've been asked to join this awesome fundraiser this year at the Broome Community College Ice Center and I jumped at the chance to do this! It's Hockey For Hope. We have a ton of hockey fans in this area and I'd love to have you join us for this great event.

Originally in 2010, Hockey 4 Hope was organized to help in the battle against breast cancer. But it was soon realized, that all types of cancer affect everyone.

Hockey 4 Hope is a charity hockey game organized to raise money for cancer awareness with all proceeds being donated to Lourdes Foundation for The Geller Fund.

H4H’s first game was played in 2010 and was established in honor of Constance “Connie” Glauser who passed away of breast cancer in May of 2006. Known for her witty humor and quick smile, Connie was mostly admired for her perpetual attitude towards life. For those of who were lucky enough to know Connie, she truly lived up to her name.

Connie is a derivative of Constance meaning steadfast in purpose, loyalty, affection; faithful.

As many of you know I experienced the effects cancer has first hand as my mother had a breast cancer scare. I saw how she reacted, the look on her face. The desperation in her voice. The struggle and difficult times in and out of hospitals. My mother is no longer with us but I'm sure would be proud that the boys she fed every day in the Chenango Valley High lunch room were doing so much for the people affected by cancer. Now I'm proud to be a part of it as well! I cannot stand on ice let alone skate, but will be there to do what I do best. Play music and announce! Please plan to join us March 23rd as we raise awareness and monetary donations to help the afflicted in the fight for lives.