Polling places around the Southern Tier of New York and Northeast Pennsylvania are reported to be busy.  That is very good news.  When I voted this morning in the town of Maine, I noticed there were not as many young people as I recall with the last Presidential election.  I'm hoping that was only because it was early morning.

Just think if everyone that was registered to vote in this country actually voted today. What a different outcome this election could be.  I makes you wonder if any of those non-voters will have the nerve to complain when things go wrong.  And things will go wrong.  It happens with every nation.  But complaining about it will not solve anything.

Whoever does win tonight, it's my hope we can come together and solve the issues of the country as the "United States of America."  It's not any one person that you should expect to to "unite" us.  It's our responsibility to unite one another and be positive.  If everyone did this, it would certainly be a different country.  We all must work together.

So who should have your vote today?  That's up to you, because you have the power to vote.  You should vote with your heart for the people that make the most sense to you and for the country.  You have a lot of power in that ballot today.

Afterall, America is more than just a political party,  a song, a group of people or thinking the way someone tells you to think.  Think of it as being all in your hands, don't listen to people that say your vote won't matter.  Every vote matters.   And no matter what the outcome is tomorrow when you wake up, may we all be united to work together and God Bless America.