I don't know what I'd do if my lil' Maggie got loose and didn't come back home. I've had her since she was a puppy and I adore her. One of my friends is going through this scenario right now. You may or may not have seen this on Facebook, but I want to toss this out to all of you for help.

It's cold, and his pup has already been through so much.

Here's what my friend Tejay emailed me: "Jazzy was rescued from a puppy mill in Atlanta Ga with over 100 other chows that where abused .. we fell in love with her the first time we saw her picture and her such sad eyes. We only had her for a few months when on Saturday the 13th she slipped out of her collar and in fright ran away.. she went all the way from West End Park down Main St in J.C. where police lost her near the home depot .. over the last 2 weeks, she has been sighted along that area .. Home Depot, George F Highway, the neighborhoods of Endwell Street and Dayton Ave in Westover .. the last two possible ones where Wednesday the 23rd and 24th in the Twining Road Area off Oakdale Road .. or possibly near East Main Street in Endwell on Malvern Road ..  not really sure which one was correct .. but both possible considering where she was.. a friend of mine Kathy created a Facebook page for her that has grown near 2 thousand members. Many of these people who I didn't even know, have spent countless hours searching and posting flyers .. it is the most amazing thing I have ever seen .. they are beautiful souls... Jazzy is extremely skiddish and afraid .. calling 237 2442 and reporting a good sighting so we can track her would be the best thing ... she's tired and hungry and I'm sure wants to come home ...."

Please by all means if you've seen Jazzy please call him. DO NOT chase her as she will run. Tempt her with food if you must but this lost soul needs to get back home. Thank you again for your continued efforts.