I've seen grown women fall all over themselves to get their hands on the last Hello Kitty t-shirt at the store, so I can only imagine what they'll do to be part of this.Personally, I think this is creeptastic, but to each their own, right?

Taiwan-based EVA Air now has a Hello Kitty-themed plane flying to and from the United States. That's right- a Hello Kitty themed airplane and the theme isn't just on the exterior paint, it's an entire experience.

Before boarding a Hello Kitty plane, passengers get Hello Kitty boarding passes and baggage stickers. The cabin crew wears pink aprons that have Hello Kitty designs and during the flights, passengers use more than 100 in-flight service items, including Hello Kitty headrest covers, pillows, tissue, hand cream, hand-washing liquid, napkins, paper cups, utensils, snacks and meals.