Good news if you like watching cat videos!  Watching cat videos can be very good for you.  In fact, there are over 2 million cat videos on YouTube alone, prompting over 26 billion views.  That's a lot of views.

According to Computers in Human Behavior research journal, and a 7000 person study by Indiana University Bloomington, they found that watching cat videos can actually elevate your energy levels and reduce negative emotions.

And with most of these views occurring during work hours or study time, this proves to be very effective in productivity.  So don't feel guilty about watching Grumpy Cat.

Here are some adorable cats in the Binghamton area looking for new forever homes:


Shay Shay is a very playful little girl who was minutes away from being euthanized at a local shelter but a foster came through at the last minute to save her. Now in foster care, Shay Shay is hoping to find the perfect family to play with.   To find out more about Shay Shay on Petfinder, click HERE.



If "Irene" could talk she would tell us the story of how she came to lose her ear,most of her tail and her leg. Beating all the odds, Irene is said to be the sweetest and most affectionate cats you would ever want to meet.  She is looking for a kind gentle home to share her purring with. To learn more about Irene, click HERE.


Oksana is one beautiful kitten.  She's only 3-4 months old, a little timid but is full of love.  If you are interested in her please call True Friends at 570-278-1228 or click HERE.




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