When Sam Hunt plays En-Joie in Endicott at the end of August, it's safe to say it will be more than a 'House Party.'  Sam Hunt is one of those artists that has no musical boundaries and while some don't consider him "country enough," is it any different that what the bro-country artists like Luke Bryan, Florida Georgia Line and others are doing?

The answer is yes.  Sam Hunt is not singing about what Maddie and Tae talk about in their smash hit, 'Girl In A Country Song,' that is, endless tailgates, drinking beer with the boys and hanging out with girls in a field always in moonlight.

Instead, Sam writes or co-writes much of his own music or collaborates with one of Nashville's best, Mac McAnally.  Songs like 'Take Your Time' makes a powerful statement.  'Leave The Night On' is a good written song that paints a picture. The result is always high quality music with no label, all very good for country music and the fans are eating it up.

When it comes to videos, Sam is doing something like no other artist; that is, releasing 2 videos of the same song at the same time.  Watch 'House Party' and let me know your favorite of the two!

#1 - Sam doing 'House Party' in concert

#2 - Sam at a 'House Party'...looks like fun!