HAWK fans are very excited about the 20 concerts coming to the Taste of Country Music Festival, next week, June 13-15th.  If you were there last year, you know what a country music fan dream experience this festival can be, combining established country artists with fresh new acts.  It's simply a blast and a half.

One of the newer performers that Binghamton fans are excited about is Eric Paslay.  When Eric landed on the HAWK, people would mix his name up with Brad Paisley.  But one listen to his #1 hit, 'Friday Night' and his current hit 'Song About A Girl,' there is no more confusing Eric with Brad.  The good news is both of these hot artists are playing the Taste of Country Music Festival next week at Hunter Mountain.

Until then, here's a first look at Eric's new video, 'Song About A Girl.'  Enjoy!