The Madness has begun. Although the games began on Tuesday, many say it officially begins on Thursday. So you think you are the Master of the Madness. You could turn it into a million dollars, ten thousand dollars or more realistically, an exclusive VIP party at Enfield's in Endwell. Here's how.

Take the Hawk Million Dollar Bracket Challenge. If you get them all right, it's a million dollars...your chance of winning that is around 9.2 quintillion or hitting 4 holes in one during one round of golf.

If you're right on 60 or more games, you win &10,000 dollars....still a fairly long shot. If you get (or guess) the most correct, you'll win an exclusive VIP party at Enfield’s in Endwell for 10 people (You + nine guests) with pizza, wings, and more.

You can also try to best Traci's picks (I think she used the Eeny, Meeny, Mineey, Moe method) or me. Here are Traci's and my picks. I changed my mind on 3 games which I circled. I originally had Pitt over Florida, Villanova getting by Iowa State and Louisville defeating Duke.

My overall winner is Michigan State. I think Syracuse could win it all.....but wouldn't be really shocked if they lose to Dayton/Ohio State.  Good luck and have fun. I'll even help you out, here are some tips for a better bracket. Now go here to fill out your Hawk Million Dollar Bracket.