Last night (12/12) was the Hawk Holiday Party. A special thanks to Tim Ruffo for the music, Marilu's Catering for the food and Schoor Family Firehouse Stage for letting us use the facilities. Here are the top(?) 5 moments from last night.

5) Christmas Outfit- Jewelry by Knobels Amusement Park, Ugly Sweater Moose Tie courtesy of 5 Below(4 dollars if you're wondering) and Sweater by Salvation Army. Some may laugh but they are awesome deals and they all have a huge selection to choose from. Someone told me they would take my tie if I also gave them 2 bucks.

4) Frost Bite- I tried to explain that my shoulder hurt because it had Frostbite. It had something to do with something cold it's been next too. Your better off asking someone who was there. It's funnier that way.....and safer for me.

3) Winner Towns- When a winner's name was picked, before they would get a stocking, we would ask their name and where they lived. I was asked to make comments about the particular place they lived. Winner from Marathon..I said I love that they have water that runs down the mountain and comes out a water tube at the bottom......That would be Lisle, not Marathon.

2) Winner from Whitney Point- It gave me a chance to talk about the playground at the school that Tara likes to play on. It's a really great playground that has spinning and turning things. OK, I really like the playground too. So later when we had another winner from Whitney Point, I had a chance to retell the same I do almost everyday.

1) Winner from Montrose- I asked her if she hunted deer. After all, doesn't everyone from Montrose hunt. She kinda had a bewildered look....She was from the Zoo. WHOOPS. I tried to recover by saying that she went into the woods and yelled for the deer to run. That was more of a visual as I was running and hopping like she might in the woods.

There are others but like I said last night. This event gives us a chance to say things that we can't on the air. I'm sure some wish, that I hadn't mentioned it last night either. Happy Holidays and we hope to see you next year at the Holiday Party. Go here to see the pictures.