Wow, Valentine's Day is tomorrow. Is it me or did this holiday just sneak up on us? If it has, maybe it's because you've lost your sense of romance.

Here are the signs that the professionals say to look for and here are the signs that I say you should look for:

You have candle-lit save on electricity.

You celebrate Valentine's Day at a buffet.....with a coupon.

You buy her flowers on your way home...from the gas station. That way you can tell the one you love that you wanted her flowers as fresh as possible.

You buy her gifts....with yourself in mind.  The left handed golf clubs are for her. Just because she's right handed and doesn't golf is besides the point.

You take her ice fishing on Valentine's Day...on second thought, that is a good idea and Whitney Point is the place this Saturday.

Don't forget your sweetie on Valentine's Day because you can't make it up to her on President's Day! Take my word on that one.

[via Psychology Today]