Happy Father's Day to all dads this weekend.  I also want to say a special Happy Father's Day to my Dad, Carl "Bugs" Pitcher or as I call him  "Pops."

He's been an inspiration to me for my whole life. He was my Little League coach and he and my Mom were the leaders of MYF (Methodist Youth Fellowship).

He was a chaperone on my senior trip. It was a trip that me and four of my friends took to Six Flags. I won't tell you what happened but it wasn't my Dad's fault. In fact, he was the one who saved me and two of my friends from worse trouble.

My Dad along with my Uncle Dale taught me to pitch modified softball. When I started playing adult league softball, it was my high school friends and Dad on the team. For many years, he was my catcher.

He would let me know if he was "displeased" with the way I was acting on the pitching mound. He would walk about halfway to the mound and fire a bullet to me and say "Straighten Up."

He's a quiet man with a dry and quick sense of humor. I've been told by those who know my Grandfather Glenn and my Dad, that I got my sense humor from both of them.

I've always said, that if I could be half the parent he was, then I've done a good job. He's a man of faith and a leader.

Today, I enjoy the times that we get to golf together. We've taken cruises, golf and sporting trips together.  In the picture above, it's us at Yankee Stadium on the day that Derek Jeter got his 3,000 hit.

He's a man of integrity who I respect and appreciate. I talk to people all the time that worked with him when he was with Columbia Gas. They all have great things to say about him and ALWAYS share a funny story about something he said or did.

So Happy Pops Day....Now can you come and take a look at the water heater.