I'm not sure if I'm fascinated by this or if I'm terrified. On second thought- I think I'm leaning toward terrified.

A new company based in San Francisco has invented a hands-free system that allows a car to steer itself down a highway while you just sit there in comfort.

While the Cruise RP-1 can’t guide you down roads with traffic lights and stop signs, its sensors keep you in the center of lanes all while maintaining a safe speed and a proper distance from cars in back and in front – great the company says, for long distance road trips.

The autopilot system features two cameras, a radar function, GPS, mobile sensors, and an on-board computer. The system then controls acceleration, steering, and braking.

Amazingly, this new car feature is scheduled to be released to the public in 2015. If money weren't an issue, would you try out this hands free system?