Things are getting ugly at Hallmark!

You might remember the story that Glenn and I shared with you during the Hawk Morning Show last week about how Hallmark is under attack. Well, it’s gotten even uglier.

So here’s what happened. Hallmark released a holiday ornament last week that’s stirred up all sorts of controversy and triggered a debate about political correctness.

Hallmark’s new “ugly Christmas sweater” ornament features lyrics from the holiday song “Deck the Halls,” but instead of saying “Don we now our gay apparel,” it says, “Don we know our FUN apparel.”

Hallmark says they changed the lyrics to avoid misinterpretation, because of the multiple meanings of the word “gay”but critics lashed out, accusing the company of being homophobic and overly PC.

Hallmark claims they were shocked at the public’s response to the ornament and admits they shouldn’t have changed the lyrics saying: “…we're sorry to have caused so much concern. We never intend to offend or make political statements with our products.”

Hallmark saying despite the drama, they have ever intention of continuing to sell the offending ornament.

What do you think? Was Hallmark in the right to be concerned that if they left the word “gay” on the ornament people would flip out? Or were they completely over thinking things?