I couldn't make up this story if I tried.  Had the woman not been drunk and behind the wheel (or pant-less), I could see how this might have been a funny thing to watch unfold.

By now, 29 year old Jeanette (aka Jamie) Craft of Arkansas has most likely sobered up and is probably having a pretty awful day.  She's having a bad day not only because she has to deal with recovering from a nasty hang-over, but because she decided to drive drunk, pant-less and make an escape on a kid's Power Wheels truck.

No joke.

Someone spotted Jeanette rounding a corner in her Pontiac Grand Am and hit the under panel of someone's trailer home.  Another person told cops they saw Jeanette get out of her car sans pants and shoes and start screaming at the man who lived in the trailer and then hopped on a Power Wheels truck owned by the guy's son.

Apparently the guy was like "I'm outta here" and grabbed his kids and took them to his parent's house.  When he returned to his trailer with his Dad, the pant-less and shoe-less Jeanette was still sitting in the same spot on the same Power Wheels truck trying to figure out how to drive off in it.

The guy and his Dad tried to get Jeanette off the Power Wheels truck it appears she finally realized she wasn't gonna make a speedy getaway on it and started screaming and then gave up and went to her Mom's house where she was arrested.

According to KAIT8, a local news channel in the town where this all went down, Jeanette was found later that day and was described as "irate and very intoxicated" (ya think?) and charged with DWI, public intoxication, refusal to submit, disorderly conduct, leaving the scene of an accident with property damage and driving while license cancelled, suspended or revoked.

According to authorities, Jeanette's blood alcohol content was .217, nearly three times the legal limit. My head hurts just thinking about that.