Kyle Messier of Post Falls, Idaho has been working at a fast-food restaurant to save money to go to college. On Monday, Kyle tried to buy a $20 scratch-off lottery ticket, but the store was out of them. So, he bought two $10 tickets.. He ended up winning $100,000.00. After taxes, he'll bring home about $67,500.00. Turns out that thats six years of salary in the fast-food business.

So he says he called in "rich" to work . . . instead of sick, get it?  He quit and is using the money to go to college.  He's also planning a wedding with his fiance for this month, and will use some of the money to fund her education as well.

My question for you (including narrative) is:

If you were getting married... According to ,couples that live in or travel to Broome County spend between $19,944 and $33,240 on average for their wedding. Then you are putting 2 people through college, let's say he and his wife to be were to attend Binghamton University as out of state students. The cost would be $58,194.00 for the both of them per year. Adding up to $78,138.00 if you take the lowest wedding cost for just this year alone. Keeping in mind his winnings are $67,500.00,  Is it a great idea to tell your place of employment to take a hike?