People share a lot about themselves online these days, especially young people. I mean... I'm an open book. So I really am not too surprised by this story.

Police in the Beverly, Massachusetts broke up an underage party on Saturday night, and arrested six people.

One of those people was a 19-year-old  named David White, he was charged with disorderly conduct.  They booked him, he started doing what you always see in movies... calling people on the phone to come bail him out, but no one answered.

Which is when David decided to do something he probably already wishes he hadn't.  Instead of making more calls, he asked the police if he could use his smartphone to ask people for help on... you ready for this?  FACEBOOK.  No it wasn't a direct message either!

He wrote on his Facebook wall . . . for all of his friends to see . . . that he'd been arrested and needed bail money.  And the best part is, it worked.  Shortly after he posted the message, a friend showed up and paid  the 40 bucks to get David out of the clink.

And it's not clear, but authorities say this might be the first time anyone has ever used Facebook to get bailed out of jail.