A groom ran off the day of his wedding so a guest stepped in to marry the bride. No, this isn’t the set up to a bad joke- this is real life.

A guy named Sivakumar thought he was going to be a guest at a family wedding in India, but he actually turned up being IN the wedding. As the groom.

Here’s how it went down: the bride’s family was all up in the face of the groom the day before the wedding and he guy had enough. He angrily walked away and nobody really though much of it.  I guess they figured he just needed time to blow off steam.  But the next day the groom didn't show up for the wedding and nobody could find him.

Instead of informing guests the wedding would either be delayed or canceled, Sivakumar, the guy who though he was just going to be a guest (who by the way is related to the bride) stepped in and offered to marry her.

Apparently the family was "relieved" that the wedding went on as scheduled.

It’s obvious to me that to the family, any guy would do and this was all about the family giving the daughter the boot and not about her future happiness.

Bizarre. And sad. And yeah, I know arranged marriages and family marriages and such is common in most countries, but it still makes me sad.