When you're home sick from work, watching television can either make or break you.  There is a parade of "judge shows" but in my opinion, there's only one that is worth watching, the original "Judge Judy."

'Judge Judy' is Judy Sheindlin, a retired Manhattan Family Court Judge, lawyer, author and one of television's most highly paid television personalities.

Judy is good.  So good, she has been nominated for 14 consecutive Daytime Emmy Awards.  After all, she single-highhandedly brought back the court show genre after People's Court first left the air in early 1990's, Judy has been the queen of daytime court dramas since she premiered her show in 1996.

Judge Judy has many passionate fans in the Greater Binghamton area, as she has dominated the daytime ratings for some time now.

Here are the top 5 'Judge Judy' moments to enjoy again or for the very first time.