Governor Cuomo will activate the State Emergency Operations Center at 10am this morning to monitor a potent winter storm that is foretasted to impact us today and tomorrow.

We're under a winter storm warning with 3-6 inches of snow expected today and another 3-6 inches of snow expected to fall tonight into Friday.

The Governor is also encouraging drivers to utilize mass transit today because there's a chance that there could be closures of major highways across the state.

We've already received several reports of cars off the road due to icy conditions, so please remember to take it slow as you travel today. Also remember that if you live or work on a street with alternate street parking that you're parked on the correct side of the street, not only so that you don't get a ticket, but also so that snow plow can get through to clear the road.

The office of the Governor also reminds you of some of the most important tips for safe winter driving:

  • Never follow a snowplow too closely or attempt to pass one. Remember that the highway ahead of the plow is usually snow-covered.
  • Adjust speed for road conditions and maintain a safe distance from other vehicles;
  • Schedule extra time for winter travel and be patient during ice and snow removal operations.
  • Assume that bridge surfaces are slippery, as they freeze more quickly than road surfaces.
  • Be wary of black ice, which can be difficult to see but makes conditions slippery when pavement temperatures are below freezing.
  • Have a cell phone handy, if possible, but do not text while driving; distracted driving is illegal and becomes even more dangerous during storm events.
  • Let someone know where you're going if you have to travel as well as your estimated time of arrival and what route you plant to take.
  • Keep calm and do not panic in case of a vehicle breakdown, accident, or if you become stuck in snow.

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