I've known him for nearly 13 years. Today he turns 16 and he wants my convertible. I'm proud to call him my son, Devon.  Happy Birthday, DeBuck. So what's he going to do to celebrate?

He's going to take his Permit test.  Last night, he came in and asked me what an "Expressway" was? I was half asleep and I told him that was the road that you took when you have more than one person in your car. That way you can get to where your going faster.

This morning when I woke up, I thought about the Long Island Expressway. You don't get anywhere fast on that road.  So here's a tip, Debuck: Don't put that as your answer. If he passes his test today, I will take him to a Pittsburgh hockey game.

I'm happy to have you as my son. I'm glad that you learned nothing from me in golf. That way you have a chance to be a great golfer. I know you're going to be a great weatherman. I think it's awesome that people come to you and the Debuck Weather Facebook page when the weather turns bad.

So Happy Sweet 16 birthday....Can a Dad say that to his son...NO, you still can't have my convertible.