Research by Shelley Gable and Jonathan Haidt suggests that we actually have three times more positive experiences than negative, but have you noticed how people seem to be so much faster to share bad news than good?  Well, the Hawk Morning show is on a mission to change that!

Starting today and every Monday following, we're going to be sharing good news.  But we can't do it without you.  We want to know about something good that recently happened in your life. Share your story  and you might hear us mention it during the Monday Hawk Morning Show.

I'll start.  On Friday, I found some gorgeous hanging baskets for my house...and they were on sale! On Saturday I got to be part of the circus, something I dreamed of doing as a little girl.  Also on Saturday, my Dad's doctors in Boston discovered he's got a bacterial infection in his blood.  Instead of taking the weekend off, they worked overtime to take care of my Dad and it looks like they caught the problem before it had the chance to turn into something that could have killed him. And, on Sunday I got to do an outdoor broadcast and was able to soak up the beautiful sun for a few hours.

Your turn- what's something good that's recently happened in your life?  You can either leave a comment below or leave a comment on our Facebook page.  We can't wait to hear your story!

Take a listen to some of the stories people shared with us this morning: