It's Good News Monday.  I did pretty well on the Pro Football Pick'em challenge. I went 9-5 and thumped Traci with 2 games left.  How did you do?

My Good News is that the Washington Redskins are on Monday night football. The better news is that kickoff is at 6:55pm.  The best news is.........hearing Traci Taylor sing the "Hail to the Redskins" song tomorrow morning.

Traci is a Philadelphia Eagle fan and I've been a Washington fan longer than Traci has been alive. I've been a fan since 1973 and Traci was born in 19--. We have a friendly (?) bet. When the Redskins win tonight, she shall sing the "Hail to the Redskins" song. If by some miracle Philadelphia wins,  I have to sing some Philly cheesesteak song. I don't really know because I wasn't listening because I'm not going to lose.

You can participate in the Pro Football Pick'em challenge for Week 2 by going here.

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