Willie and Carol Fowler had planned a big wedding reception for their daughter, but unfortunately, the wedding was cancelled after all the plans had been made.

You might be wondering how this ties into Good News Monday.  Well, instead of panicking and trying to get their money back, the Fowlers saw an opportunity and what they did touched a whole bunch of lives.  

Willie suggested to his wife that they let the reception go ahead as planned but instead of inviting friends and family or throwing the reception for Willie, whose 70th birthday was also Sunday, they teamed up with a local charity and invited 200 homeless people from the area.

Most of the homeless were families with kids and all 200 guests enjoyed a four-course meal in what the Fowler's dubbed "The First Annual Fowler Family Celebration of Love."

Carol and Willie say they hope it’ll inspire others to do something for the community if they're given a chance and they also said their daughter was happy that the day wasn't wasted, and handled the whole thing extremely well.