It's Good News Monday.  My Good News is that we have a new addition to the Pitcher family.  We've begun dog fostering and on Sunday we got our first dog.  I want to thank everyone who helped us name the dog.  Many people have been asking me, what we named the dog. The dog's name is......

Wiley Charlie.  Wiley Charlie you say, what a crazy name. As you may know the dogs name was Wiley but we've been asked to rename it.  He's 6 years old and the name he knows is Wiley.  Since he's at a new place and doesn't know anything about his new surroundings, we've been asked to keep Wiley as part of his name because he'll recognize that.

What we're supposed to do is call him Wiley and gradually call him Wiley Charlie and eventually just Charlie. We love the dog and as much as we want to keep him around, we also can't wait till he's adopted by a loving family.  Some have asked if we'll keep Wiley Charlie. We aren't and this is why.

We foster dogs out of horrible situations and find them forever homes...somewhere least that's the plan...I know we'll get attached but when you hear about the horrible lives they've had to live before we'd like to help as many dogs as possible.

To find out more about the group we foster with, go here. I also want to thank Shannon for her kind message, this is what she said.

Glenn! My name is Shannon and I recently saw that you started fostering!! I have been fostering for a year and a half for Pibbles N More Animal Rescue. We have been desperately trying to find more fosters here in the Binghamton area (we currently have only four) to save more dogs in need. I'm hoping that with someone like you with a voice in the area you can tell people how great it is to foster and maybe some will follow in your footsteps!  Thank you for all you do!!

Thank you Shannon and it's my pleasure to pass it along.  So what’s your Good News? Let us know by calling 607-720-9801, tweeting us on Twitter by using #GoodNewsMonday, or by commenting on  Facebook or below.