It's Good News Monday. What's your Good News?  My Good News is that Suzie, our Elf on the Shelf has returned. She seems a little more adventurous (or mischievous) this year.

We caught (found) her lounging in the bathroom sink (Suzie's sauna) when we got back from our Thanksgiving dinner. Now we found her sipping pancake syrup with a snowman friend. Tara made a rainbow loom necklace and bracelet for her. She's wearing it now.

I asked Tara why she thought Suzie was a little more adventurous this year. She said, it's because she is used to our family now and is acting a little more crazy like us. Tara said, that Suzie is Kooky like you Dad. Suzie was also doing a puzzle one day. Tara said, it's because she likes to do puzzles too.

We are looking forward to her adventures again this year.  We've missed you, Suzie. If you want to find out more about Elf on the Shelf, go here.