It’s Monday and you know what that means…we want to hear about something good that’s recently happened in your life! 

I’ll start- because they're home-schooled, my little siblings have to take special tests to make sure they're on track with kids their age who attend public school. Sarah is going into 7th grade and tested at an 11 grade level. Charlie is going into 5th grade and is testing at the 6th grade level. Sammy wasn't tested, but my Mom says he's also excelling in school and believes he's at the 5th grade level. After the year the kids have had with countless hours spent sitting still and quiet in doctors offices, trips back and forth to Boston twice a week for Dad's medical treatment and being 24/7 care givers for Dad through both of his bone marrow transplants, these kids have risen above and are setting such an awesome example for other kids.  I am incredibly proud of these little soldiers.

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