It's Good News Monday!  My Good News from the weekend was seeing many new and old faces throughout the Southern Tier.

On Friday, I was at Moe's on Front Street.  I want to thank all that stopped by to say Hi.....and to enjoy the food.  Hailey from Chenago Forks beat me in Rock, Paper, Scissors.  I was going to play Rock, Paper, Scissors,Lizard, Spock with her but I think she's too young to watch "Big Bang Theory" and I didn't want to explain it.......ok, I couldn't explain it to her, I forgot the order.

I was also at Mayhoods Sporting Goods in Norwich for their Customer Appreciation Day.  April asked me to sign a tiny rubber frog. It was easily the smallest thing I've ever signed for someone. I also want to thank Breanna

Breanna at Mayhoods. Her biggest excitement? Getting her picture taken next to Taylor Swift

from Red Barn Alpacas. She was my little helper at the event.  She was my fetcher and photographer.  I also shot my first cross bow, all I can say about that is "WOW, can I shoot it again."

I was also at the Mase Madness Basketball event over the weekend.  It was very well attended.  Billy Owen, Syracuse basketball legend, even stopped by and chatted to the kids.  Some great basketball for a better cause.

It was also great seeing old and meeting new friends at the big BBQ on Saturday.  Finally, a big thanks to all who came to NorthPointe on Sunday and watched me and my bro in law make fools of ourselves as we pretended to be "2 old smoking friends."  This Sunday we are going to try "Doody Brownies."  Yummy

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