It's Good News Monday!   What's your Good News?

For me, it was a great weekend at Spiediefest with my daughter, Tara.  Saturday, we had the chance to see and meet LeAnn Rimes.  She really didn't know who she was but Tara thought she was very nice.  I told her someday you'll realize who she is and you'll be happy that you met her.

I want to say a special thanks to LeAnn.  I showed up to meet her with this cardboard cut-out from 1996.  Everyone told me that LeAnn is going to "love" seeing that.  I told them that either way, LeAnn will remember me.  She laughed and said "That picture was a lifetime ago."  She let me take this picture of LeAnn past and LeAnn present.

She was wonderful in concert.  Like someone said to me "That gal can sing."  She was very personable with the crowd and she seemed to enjoy being there, I can't always say that about some acts that have come in the past (and I'm not talking country acts.)

Tara and I enjoyed Saturday so much that we went back on Sunday.  It was great Father/Daughter bonding time.

My other Good News from the weekend is from Friday.  The team I was on for the "Deputies for Dimes" golf tournament at Belden Hill Golf Course came in first.  It was a rain-shortened event but a lot of money was raised for the March of Dimes.

The name of our team is the "Astronuts."  That's because my brother in law and I are the captains.  His first name is John and mine is Glenn, put the names together it's....John Glenn (you know, the Astronaut.)  The key to a successful team is...get three other players that can golf.  Thanks to all that came to golf and help out the March of Dimes.

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