It's Good News Monday.  Today's Good News for me has a twist. On this Veterans Day, my Good News is that I had the honor of knowing and being a friend to John Priestner. He gave his life doing what he loved and what he thought was right. We lost John way too soon.

I lost a real good and life long friend, John Priestner, when he was piloting an Apache helicopter in Iraq in November of 2006. He was a veteran of Operation Desert Storm; and deployed for Iraq on July 22, 2006 to serve during Iraqi Freedom. To read more about his story go here.

John, you made me laugh everyday.  Whether it was getting busted with firecrackers on "our" senior trip at 6 Flags (I'm glad my Dad was with us and not yours.)  Spending countless hours at each other's house.

Skipping school to go crow hunting in the back of the yellow truck (why walk, when you can just shoot out of the truck bed) before the Ozzy concert, I think the Statute of Limitations is up for that.

Being a part of your wedding to Teresa.  Finally, and sadly, speaking at your memorial, it was an honor to be asked by your family.  You meant a lot to me then and you mean a lot to me now.  THANK YOU for being a friend and THANK YOU for what you did for our country.  God Bless You, John Priestner.