I went to Dover International Raceway on Sunday afternoon. It was a perfect day for a race and I saw history made.

I watched Jimmie Johnson pick up his fifth win of the year but that's not the record. There were only 3 cautions and all of them were due to debris and not wrecks...That's not the record either, although that's the first time that has happened since 1971. Nope the record is....

Jimmie picked up his record eighth win at the Monster Mile. It broke the record tied by Richard Petty and Bobby Allison. It was also his 65th win of his career. He moved into 2nd place in the Chase standings, eight points behind Kenseth.

I was there in the 8th row.....from the back.  I saw Thompson Square perform before the race and heard them do the National Anthem. Some have asked me why I wore a Bobby Labonte shirt at the track.  He hasn't been with Joe Gibbs racing for over 5 years. It's simple.

1) No one would yell at me. Try wearing a Jeff Gordon or Kyle Busch shirt and see what happens. Someone always has an opinion, especially after a couple of drinks. 2) People will actually have pity on me. 3) Someone offered me money to go buy a new shirt because I must be down on my luck to still be wearing that shirt.

Thanks to MJ and Maury for driving and to Rich for the invite. I had a wonderful time and I even won 30 bucks at the casino next door. So when I got home, I called the pastor and said I was sorry for missing church Sunday morning but because of my winnings, I had an extra 3 bucks for the plate next week. So that's Good News, what's yours?

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