The newest member of the Hawk Morning Show has NO idea what she's in for and knowing that makes us giggle.

It’s Good News Monday where we talk about the good things in life and our good news is that Amy the Intern Extraordinaire has joined the morning team until December.  Amy showed up to the Hawk studio at 5am this morning bright eyed and ready for excitement.

I think we scared Amy a little bit with all of our running around.  What most people don't know is that Glenn and I usually run around with chickens with their heads cut off from 3:30am-5am as we try to wrap up all of the stuff that came in over the weekend or previous day.  We do commercials and plan out our show and write articles and of course, suck down a bunch of coffee.

Here's what you need to know about Amy:

Age: Not legal so back off.

Hometown: Vestal

College: BCC

Major: Communications

Drink of choice? Not coffee. A mistake Glenn learned early on this morning. We'll go with milk since she's underage. That sounds about right.

Family: Yes, someday- but not yet.

Shoe size: the same as mine- 6. Tiny footed women unite!

Favorite hobby: people watching and yep- in all the places you’d expect.

Celeb she'd have play in her a movie: Tom Cruise because like Amy, he also enjoys jumping on couches and making random shrieking noises. However, if he's not available, she'd go with Amy Adams.

Favorite football team: The Eagles and the Ravens and no, I didn’t pay her to say that.

Favorite musician: Kelly Clarkson. Interesting fact: Amy was actually part of the flash mob in Kelly’s music video for “Stronger.”

Favorite dance: The Ride the Pony. The Glenn Pitcher version, NOT the Genuine version (just wanted to make that clear in case Amy’s Mom is reading this!).

Amy will be out with us at most of our Diner Tour stops, so be sure to check out where we'll be and then stop by and welcome her!

So what's your Good News? Let us know by calling 607-720-9801, tweeting us on Twitter by using #GoodNewsMonday, or by commenting on  Facebook or below.