Have you noticed how people seem to be so much faster to share bad news than good?  Well, the Hawk Morning show is on a mission to change that!

It’s Good News Monday with the Hawk Morning Show and we want to know about something good that recently happened in your life.

My little brother Brian is six years younger than me and he's always been my buddy. I call him "ding" and he calls me "beans." I've always known that he'd make a great husband. Brian is loving and attentive and has a huge heart. And the keeper of his heart is a woman named Meghan. Our family has known Meghan's family since we were kids.  We all went to the same church, but it wasn't until they were adults that fate intervened and Brian and Meghan's hearts were molded into one.

Brian works out of Albany for NTT Data Americas as an IT specialist and Meghan is a nurse at Albany Medical Center. I remember the first time I saw Brian and Meg together as more than just friends and I knew it was meant to be. And it was.

Yesterday Brian asked Meg to marry him and she said "yes!" I knew last week that Brian was going to ask her to marry him and keeping it secret was one of the hardest things I've ever done. I feel honored that my brother intrusted me with such major news.

So here's how the proposal happened: Brian told Meg that he was going to take her to a new church yesterday. They were early for the service, so he took her for a walk and had a  friend who's a photographer waiting behind an outbuilding to snap some pictures as he got down on one knee and surprised her with a proposal after asking her Dad for his blessing. 

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