As you may know, today is my birthday...along with my sister Michelle, daughter Tara and my Uncle Dale. So what would I like for my birthday? Answer at the bottom.

Talk about your awesome gift, Tara was born on my 40th birthday. I was talking to a listener last week and he said that he remembers the day that I announced it on the radio that I had a brand new daughter and now she's 13 years old. How did that happen so fast.

Now the answer:

All-you-can-eat shrimp, Banana Fosters French Toast at Village Diner but most of all, I would love to fill the Food-A-Bago at Weis Markets to benefit CHOW. It's going on now through Monday morning at 9 am.

You all mean so much to me and this is a wonderful journey that we all take together. It's my birthday and you the listener are my gift....not only today but everyday.