I think today is Day 16 of the shutdown.  Or is it 15, I don't count Columbus Day because it would have been closed anyway. Rumor is that the Senate is close to a deal. Although, deals struck behind closed doors worry me a little.

We can't fire them...at least until the next election. So what can we do? Here's my thoughts:

5) Have them answer their own phones during voter drunk dialing. You can drunk dial them here.

4) Threaten them with term limits like we do the President. They'll rush to the bargaining table like it was last call.

3) Make them watch a New York Giants game. YIKES!!! The Giants are apparently suffering the hometown Super Bowl Curse.

2) Make them sign up for healthcare online....Oh that's right, they don't have to, they made it so they didn't have to participate (but you do)

1) Make them watch re-runs of their own interviews and press conferences, over and over and over...I know it punishes me when I see them.