So, have you heard of 'First World problems?'  It's things we complain about that show a total lack of perspective. For example, a 3rd world problem may be: not having heat. A 1st world problem would be: It's hot outside but you complain that it's too cold inside because of the air conditioning. Here's what I think about the ridiculous First World Problems we have:

5) I'm mad because someone is wearing the same outfit as me... That's why I always have an extra shirt with me. Ok, the real reason I take an extra shirt is in case I spill coffee on it, which came in handy in church last Sunday. 10 minutes before I was to go on stage, SPILL, thank goodness I had the extra shirt.

4) My bread ripped when I was spreading the cold butter on it or I'm out of cream cheese so I had to use butter... I've been told that before when I was making toast.

3) My dishwasher takes too long to load and unload... I thought that was what the wife was for (I'm kidding, but now I have a problem of a different kind)

2) My batteries for the remote died/I can't find the remote so I have to get up and change the channels by hand... You could do what I did for the longest time, I used the remote that was attached to the TV. Do you remember when they first came out with remotes that weren't cordless?

1) Just used my last Pandora skip for the hour and the next song is even worse.  There are several things why this is wrong. 1: Why are you listening to Pandora when you have 98.1 the Hawk? 2: When you listen to 98.1 the Hawk, you never have to worry because every song is AWESOME!

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