There is a new survey out asking people to name the signs you're getting old. Some that made the list include: Groaning when you bend down, forgetting people's names, falling asleep in front of the TV, no idea what young people are talking about and thinking cops, teachers and doctors look young.

Everyone knows those answers, but here's my top 5:

Glenn Reacts:

1. Groaning when I think about bending down and debating if it's worth it.


2. Forgetting my name, age and phone number and really don't care


3. Falling asleep in front of the TV, at the table and any lull in a conversation.


4. Not knowing what Twetter (I'm sorry, Twitter), Vineyard (I mean Vine) and Snapper Chat (Sorry, Snap Chat) means but my 8 year old daughter, Tara, does and shows me how it works.


5. I'm sorry, what is this about?