If you've been following along with the Hawk Morning Show then you know that I know pretty much nothing about basketball while Glenn Pitcher is a sports aficionado.  So it's sort of ironic that he lost to me in our NCAA Bracket Challenge.

Our unofficial rules stated that the loser had to do whatever the winner told them to.  Oh the possibilities!  We took so many calls from you this morning with ideas, but in the end it came down to doing whatever it took to get Glenn out of his comfort zone.  Now, Glenn is the kind of guy who's pretty much a human garbage disposal.  He'll eat anything and everything.  He's even eaten bugs.  But something told me he'd never eaten dirt before.  At least not willingly.  Game on!

Keeping his word, Glenn ate dirt (he didn't know it was dirt until I let on during our show) and this is how it all went down:

Now because I'm a girl and I can do so, I've added another thing to the list of what Glenn must do for not winning our challenge.  We'll be at Zona Bar and Grill on Hawley Street in Binghamton this Friday from 4:30pm-6:30pm and Glenn will be dressed as the "Naked Cowboy" but to up the ante, part of his loss punishment is that he has to dress as the Naked Cowboy ALL day tomorrow.  If he doesn't, then he opens the door to allowing me to come up with something else he must do to make up for not going along!