We got a hilarious call this morning on the Hawk Morning Show from a guy named Steve, a firefighter who had a brilliant idea of what I could make Glenn do to embarrass him for losing to me in the Hawk Morning Show NCAA Bracket.  Steve suggested we make Glenn dress in a chicken costume holding a sign to let people know about the Triangle Volunteer Fire Department’s chicken BBQ Sunday and then another guy called and said we should take it even further and that at the BBQ, Glenn should have to get my food for me and serve me.

While I LOVE these ideas, I’ll be in Albany Sunday with my Dad who’s just been released home after two months in the hospital following his bone marrow transplant and Glenn will be reffing basketball.

So since neither of us will be able to attend the Triangle Volunteer Fire Department’s chicken BBQ, we thought we'd invite you on behalf of Steve the firefighter.  Here’s the scoop:

Where: Triangle Volunteer Fire Department-  3621 NY Route 206, Whitney Point, NY

When: Sunday April 14th

Time: 12pm sharp.  Firefighter Steve says if you don’t get there right around 12pm, you might miss out because their chicken BBQ goes fast.

If you go, tell firefighter Steve I say hello!