The first stop in Glenn and Traci’s 2013 Diner Tour kicks off Friday September 13th at the Vestal Diner!

Join me and Glenn as we broadcast our show live from 6am to 9am at the Vestal Diner on the Vestal Parkway in Vestal (near 4 Corners).

Because of an explosion of businesses built along the Vestal Parkway in the 90's, it’s considered one of the busiest roads in the area which means there’s a really good chance you’ll be traveling it this morning, so why not stop by for a visit?

Come have breakfast with us and be part of our show. We'll even have a chance for you to win some cool prizes! Oh, and if you take pictures, be sure to share them with us on Instagram @HawkMorningShow and on Twitter @HawkMorningShow using #dinertour981