If you're a Corona drinker, you might want to check your fridge because Corona has issued a recall on select packages of its 12-ounce clear glass bottles of Corona Extra.According to Constellation Brands, owner of Corona, included in the recall are 12-ounce clear glass bottles in select six-pack, 12-pack and 18-pack packages.

This recall was issued after routine inspections found some defects in certain bottles that could cause small particles of glass to break off and fall into the bottle. The affected bottles came from one of four glass plants run by a third party manufacturer, which supplies Constellation Brands the bottles.

While Constellation Brands believes that less than 1 percent of the bottles produced from the plant may be affected, they decided to issue the recall to be on the safe side and take back select packages that might contain defective bottles to ensure the safety of consumers.

For more information on the bottles affected, you can visit the Constellation Brands Beer Division or call 1-866-204-9407.