This 12-year-old girl is probably wishing she’d watched the movie ‘A Christmas Story’ this year because she got her tongue stuck to a frozen flag pole in her front yard.

Maddie Gilmartin was helping her dad clean up from Thursday’s storm when the idea popped into her head. Maddie says "it just kind of popped into my head, 'Hey, what would happen if I stuck my tongue to a flag pole?' And, at the moment I was like, 'Oh, it will come right off.'"

Maddie was able to get her dad’s attention by waving her arms, but she ended up being stuck to the flag pole for 15 minutes before her mom and dad were able to free her with some warm water and take her to the emergency room.

Maddie’s got some swelling in her mouth that she's treating with Motrin and cold compresses and the swelling is expected to last about six weeks.

Let this be a lesson friends, while the scene in the movie where Flick gets his tongue stuck to the flag pole is funny, it’s also very real and think how mortifying it’d be to have to explain to the ER what happened. Not to mention the weeks of pain...

If you haven't seen what can happen if you decide to touch your tongue to a frozen flagpole, take a peek: