He's baaaaaccccck.  He's Gary Allan. Gary has struggled with some personal things, both in his personal and professional life.

His Dad died recently and his wife committed suicide a couple of years ago.  He had a falling out with his record label but they have made up.  Well today his new album "Set You Free" is released.  I know it's a CD (do they even make albums anymore.)   The name of the CD came from a line in his latest single "Every Storm Runs Out Of Rain."

In fact, the song is now in the top 5.  It's the first top 5 hit for Gary on country radio in 5

Gary Allan's new CD

years.  The song is doing so well, that they moved up the release date of the CD.  It was going to come out in February. He’s also letting the American Red Cross use the song for promotional purposes to raise money for Hurricane Sandy victims.

I’ve been a Gary Allan fan for years and had the opportunity to meet him several years ago.  The lady of my house and I went to see him a few years ago in Syracuse and she even had the chance to get up on stage and dance with Gary and his band which was really cool for her.  The band was playing the John Anderson song "Swinging."  So she and several others that were with us got on stage and danced.  I did not.   Here's something that's really funny about the show.  The band that was playing with Gary Allan didn’t know how to play “The One."  The song was number 1 on the Country charts at the time.  I loved the show and have always  loved, loved his music.

I say, "Welcome back bud."  We are so glad your back.