The words we've been waiting for 12 long years to hear could be spoken in mere weeks: Garth is back!

Garth Brooks recently talked to the Vancouver Sun newspaper and mentioned that her youngest child, Allie is a junior in high school. that means she graduates in 2014. Garth did promised to return upon Allie's graduation.

I spoke with an entrenched Nashville insider today who told me that , yes, there will be more information from Garth soon. My heart went pitter-patter!

Here's the breakdown of the possible comeback; new music would come out first followed by a tour. He may also bring someone along for the ride besides his lovely wife, Trisha Yearwood. Seems his youngest daughter, Allie Colleen, has real talent and may follow in her dad's footprints.

We do know that a TV special/concert film has been produced! When that will air, is still a mystery.

As soon as Nashville songwriters hear the news, Garth will have tons of new music to work with. And until official word is given, we wait. But we wait with confidence knowing word will come.