I get it now. And if you watched Garth Brooks live on CBS tonight, you do too.

Garth Brooks revealed why he is still "the" guy in Country music and he did it in a big way. Now, I have followed this man's career since the first hit and he showed all kinds of facets: his humor, appreciation, being humble and pure passion for the music and fans.

Garth picked up his guitar and showed us that he is just like us! He is a fan of someone just like we are. He grew up like we did. And he had a dysfunctional family just like we did. The difference between us and Garth Brooks is he took that boundless hyper energy we saw tonight (he couldn't stand still!) and showed us what entertainment is all about.

It dawned on me as I was watching Garth reveal himself to us that he had influences. That stars existed before he did. And he took the best parts of those influences and created his sound.

There is something else Mr. Brooks unveiled last night and he didn't need to utter a single word. He is back.

So, you better strap in and get ready because Garth missed us as much as we missed him. I don't know the details, but I can guarantee this will be the best musical ride we will take.

Miss the special? CBS has your chance to see it again. Right here. Just don't miss Garth's return.