I'm so happy that the Magic City Music Hall has come back to town after being gone for over 7 years. They are now located at 1240 Front Street in the Northgate Plaza in Binghamton.

They've brought Justin Moore and Eric Paisley with more country artists coming soon.

Gallagher, Artie Fletcher and Bob Nelson are coming there tonight (3/31). Gallagher and Artie were making the radio rounds. I wasn't expecting them and they dropped in and it just went from there.

See what Gallagher and Artie have in common with Glenn and Traci.

This isn't the first time that Gallagher has been in Binghamton. Here was here once before opening for a country singer. See who it was and how it went.

Also find out why Artie and Gallagher don't share a room. They asked me who my favorite country artist is. They never expected my answer. You can see their reaction. It's about the same reaction I get from Traci too.

There are tickets still available at the door.