Today inauguration day for President Obama so a guy took a recorder to the streets of Washington DC this weekend to ask people questions about America and their answers are funny.  We played some of the audio this morning on the Hawk Morning Show, but if you missed it you can listen to it here. The questions and answers asked are below and below them is the audio of the people answering the questions.

Q. How many stripes are there on the flag? A. 13 stripes

Q. Where is the White House located? A.1600 Pennsylvania Ave

Q. Which President is called the “Father of our Country?” A. George Washington

Q. Who wrote The Star-Spangled Banner? A.Francis Scott Key

Q. How many states are there in the Union? A. 50

Q. Who was the main writer of the Declaration of Independence? A.Thomas Jefferson

And now for the funny answers people gave.  But its sad because I think people were being serious.