I consider myself a pretty confident person, but there is one area that I completely lack confidence in, and that's doing things by myself.

I love, no I crave, alone time. But my idea of alone time is camping out on the couch and reading a book while my husband takes our son to the park. Or getting a shower alone.

Just the thought of going to dinner or to the movies by myself is enough to make my heart palpitate and palms sweat. And not in a good way.  My high school friend Mellisa is on vacation in Puerto Rico and she's been posting extraordinary beach photos on social media with headlines such as, "Heaven in Puerto Rico. A beach entirely to myself and a couple of dogs. Absolute perfection."

I wish I were brave enough to go away for a mini vacation by myself, but I can't even grab a meal or see a film alone.  I think it's because I feel plagued with guilt that I might enjoy something and not be able to share that joy with my husband and son. I definitely struggle with 'mom guilt.'

Apparently, my inability to do things on my own is a me problem because American women are breaking travel tradition and enjoying some peace and quite by traveling by themselves.

According to Booking.com, 72% of women in America say they've traveled for business and for pleasure and they've gone on the trips alone. And, 65% of those women say that traveling alone gave their confidence a big boost.

So, if you're looking to decompress and boost your confidence, you might want to visit one of these four places that Refinery 29 says every woman should visit alone sometime in her lifetime: San Francisco, Nashville, Sedona, Arizona, and Oahu, Hawaii

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