It’s bathing suit season. Boo. Hiss. Ugh.

If you’re a braver person than I and will flaunt what you’ve got in a bathing suit this summer, but are concerned about that little bit of extra fluff around your tummy, here are some foods that may help flatten your belly:

Pineapple– It’s loaded with a chemical that promotes digestion and helps fight bloating.

Fennel– Fennel acts as a natural diuretic and that means it helps your body get rid of the excess water that causes puffiness. If you're not crazy about the taste of black licorice, which is what fennel kind of tastes like, try munching on celery- that should help too.

Plain yogurt– Plain, flavored- basically any kind of yogurt will do the trick as long as the container’s label says it has live and active cultures. The live and active cultures help improve digestion.

Ginger– Ginger helps keep gas at a distance and is also considered to be an “edible amphetamine.” Basically, that means ginger will rev up your system and burn a few extra calories on the way.