*Update: according to our news stations, WNBF, Police say the suspect, Kurt Myers was shot dead but not before he shot and killed an FBI K-9. No motive for the shootings has been given.

A little town called Mohawk, about an hour from Binghamton and just 18 minutes from Utica is under attack this morning.

A man allegedly set fire to his own apartment and then shot and killed four people at two different businesses Wednesday in Mohawk which is just outside of Utica.  As of 4:00am this morning  he was still holed up an abandoned building surrounded by police.

Multiple sources say the trouble all started when 64-year-old Kurt Myers started a fire Wednesday morning in the village of Mohawk. From there he drove to a barber shop where he allegedly killed two customers with a shotgun.

Then from Mohawk, Myers made his way to an oil-change business in nearby Herkimer where he allegedly shot and killed a customer and an employee.

New York state police say they're under the assumption that Myers is still alive and they're continuing to monitor an abandoned building where they believe he is hiding out.

Residents described Mr. Myers as a loner. "He did a lot of walking around town by himself," said Brad Moore, 41, who was at the barber shop just before the shooting.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo called it "truly an inexplicable situation. There's no apparent motive to the best of our knowledge at this time to provoke these attacks."